Thursday, August 11, 2022

PestOFF goes through old territory (without knowing it).

Long time ago, ad agencies had something called "research departments" - which is basically employed people whose job was to archive was the competition (or anyone else for that matter!) were doing in order not to duplicate it.

But as I said, that was "long time ago".

Which brings us to PestOFf. 

It has a new ad which is - OK perhaps not my style - but to many it might seem "palatable". Actually "funny" if you like that kind of humor (here). But what are they signing with?

Well, obviously it something so used, overused, hashed and rehashed at this point it is basically... with no flavor. The line is "bil fi3l mich bil 7aki" - with actions not works.

But they you go, Ariel used it before. And a politician used it (Roger Azar) in 2018 which basically made me elect his ad the worse of the bunch at the time (here). And now it's the turn of PestOFF to use it.

Because you know, whomever done the ad has zero memory and thought he/she was inventing gunpowder.