Friday, August 12, 2022

3M Plast - of elephants in the room and other items.

3M Plast is suddenly launching a campaign.

Perhaps on the strength of all things made in Lebanon because as a population we are relying more and more on things made locally to cut on import (as a nation that imports a huge percentage of its items!). Still, it is interesting how they portrayed their products.

For the chair, they put a full elephant on it with the line "addha w 2doud" (which roughly translates as "can withstand and is strong enough". For the chaise longue they relied on Sayyed Darwish's song "tol3it ya mahla nourha" (she it went up and spread its lights). Under both? "Pride of Lebanese manufacturing".

It is interesting that 3M Plast really did inject effort into the campaign as is obvious. And thankfully spared us the use of "models" or copped images from here and there, focusing on the products as such.