Saturday, July 2, 2022

Fifty Fifty wants a government in Lebanon which is half female ministers. Yes, but...

Why is it always that I see the flip side of good news. Heck, I was a feminist before it was cool to be so! But here we go. Fifty Fifty which tirelessly fights for the representation of women in the political spheres - sometimes much more effectively in terms of tone of voice than others (compare here to here) has launched a campaign whereby there'd be a government composed of 50% women ministers. 

Do note, I am all for it, and I am sure there are a lot of women worthy of the positions (of which Fifty Fifty found quite a bunch). If you want to find some of their choices please head here.

As usual, I have a "but"....

To soften the blow I'd say "yes, but..."

A lot of these women suggested by Fifty Fifty are already direct descendants of the usual political families (Chamoun, Gemayel, Yafi) or are close - as in very close - to established political figures (Kaskas, Ekmekji). Please note, I am writing this while trying not to throw shade at these women's achievements, talents and political expertise.

But the fact that these women and others (I am trying not to single these women out of the ones mentioned in the Fifty Fifty ad) were suggested leaves me wondering if at any one point we can actually leave the old political nomenclature already established in Lebanon.

But, come to think of it, a female from a certain political family/party in Lebanon at this point, is not capable of doing a worse job that a male member of her family/party.

So heck, I am all for these women!