Friday, July 15, 2022

1750 Water used NASA images to prove its point

1750 Water, a brand bottled in Tarshish (Lebanon) is claiming  that it is "captured from an untouched source".... Well, granted perhaps their well is pristine but seriously people, using the newly released NASA image that "capture dying stars, nebulas, colliding galaxies" and adding plastic caps (who knew there were plastic caps in images of already dead stars - by the time the light of the images comes to us and is captured by the James Webb telescope the stars in question would be dead already).

Believe it or not, the reason why every other fashion brand slaps a NASA logo on its apparel is because NASA and its products are public domain. So these pictures are not copyrighted.

Someone told me they found this ad funny. I thought it was beyond weird truth be told.

But I guess I am not a Star Wars fan or knowledgeable about deep space.