Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Elections 2022: Al Mustaqbal the most efficient campaign (that never was)


In 2018, Al Mustaqbal misfired with a silly campaign (I awarded it worst campaign for a political party - here). Thankfully this year, their campaign is brilliant - they did not do any. This is not sarcasm just to be clear. But the head of Al Mustaqbal movement, Saad Hariri himself, decided to boycott the elections (initiate the "moukata3a").
With him the domino fell in the Sunnite sect. No matter how others - related or unrelated to the movement, officially or unofficially, Saudi-backed or not - have tried to rally the Sunnites around them, there is still this major feeling of flop.
Many Sunnites are all out with the "moukata3a la 3younak" slogan. Again, the beauty of it is that all this is coming from supporters, not from the machinary of the Mustaqbal movement. Just to explain, "la 3younak" was a jingle by singer Ahmad Kaabour for Future Television back when it was setting the pace for what good, creative television was. "La 3younak" means "for your eyes". And it transcended the television which was owned by Rafic Hariri (father of Saad) to become the slogan his supporters "cuddle" him with (see the original here),
Funnily some supporters went all out to poke on the Lebanese Forces campaign (see here) with "we can cast our ballots, we just don't want to".