Sunday, April 3, 2022

Unsubstantiated allegations against Tanal Sabbah (Chariman of the Lebanese Swiss Bank)

Full disclosure: at one point Lebanese Swiss Bank was a personal client of mine.

Now that I said that, today a certain website was shared with me from an email which is obviously an alias. The site contains unsubstantiated allegations against the man - who is the chairman of the Lebanese Swiss Bank.

I can tell you things about Tanal Sabbah, compared to many many other bankers, he is colourful, has a very outgoing personality and from my own relationship with him I can tell you stories about him which may not be fit to print. Now, stupid and careless is not one of the attributes I would qualify him with.

The website above contains some very serious but honestly unsubstantiated allegations about the man and his supposed relationship to Hizhollah and even gives the example of two shuttered banks - Jammal Trust Bank and Lebanese Canadian Bank who were closed to their supposed ties to Hizbhollah (very complicated matters, not all of them proven).

But here's the rub, why would anyone want to smear Tanal Sabbah?

Here's a fact which may or may not be related: Of all the Association of Banks in Lebanon members who resigned, Tanal Sabbah is the only one who was not re-elected because hey strayed from the official line of discourse the ABL was promoting.

Food for thought?

PS - to whomever is behind the site, "evidence" is not plural so you can't say "evidences"....