Monday, April 4, 2022

Aramex introduces an oddity this Ramadan

And for Ramadan, let Aramex introduce you to this oddity. Conceptually it has no feet to stand on.

The idea is that an elderly woman is supposed to navigate a VR headset all by her own. No, seriously.

Actually in the world of technology, there's the line "it's so easy even an adult can operate it" because duh, adults are not gifted with new technologies. Now older adults are certainly less gifted with the said technology which makes this ad completely baffling.

The idea is that a family is abroad and their teenage son comes up with an idea. Soon they start cooking their Ramadan meal while a package is delivered by Aramex to the grandmother. OK, you guessed the plot - she puts on the headset and is able to see them prepare the meal while her daughter (presumably daughter no daughter-in-law) shows her the recipe book (the grandmother must have given her).

The idea is that Aramex is "bringing what's close to the heart, even closer". Well, the cast is nice, and the ad is rather well-done. But honestly people, who comes up with these unbelievable ideas that make no sense on the ground?

 Watch the ad here.