Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Elections 2022: Paulette Yagopian / Paula Yacoubian shoots herself in the foot

In 2018 I wrote about how Paula Yacoubian was having an identity crisis for the elections. The identity crisis still goes on mind you, but it just took a sharper tone. What happened in the meantime was that Mrs Yagopian resigned from the parliament (it was the government's inefficiency towards what happened on August 4th, that's the major explosion that rocked Beirut). 

And which slogan does she choose to go on with with this election? "Minkaffi" which translates as "we go on" (actually it can also marginally mean "we are enough"). The problem? Mrs. Yagopian wants to go on with what? Resigning? Interrupting her mandate? Which makes the slogan as if shooting herself in the foot.