Thursday, April 7, 2022

Elections 2022: Meanwhile in the 1rst district of Beirut

Well, how about some platitudes with your elections? "Because development is a right" "Because there's enough humiliation on the doors of hospitals" "Because old-age insurance is a guarantee to our elderly". All this signed "Loubnan Assiyada" (Lebanon the sovereignty) which is the name of the list sponsoring these frequent (the above are but three of a much larger campaign). Are these worthwhile promises? Surely. Are they executable? Are you nuts? Each one needs a very complicated machinery behind it in terms of laws and financial backing and what not. So basically, as I said - platitudes.

I often say this, but in the elections of 1992 a candidate in South Lebanon offered in his electoral program a cure for AIDS. Yes, this is how far we promise over here.