Friday, April 8, 2022

Elections 2022: Georges Chehwane goes for Beirut 1rst district

It was all waiting to happen. Businessman makes money. Businessman wants to enter politics.

Georges Chehwane made his money from advertising booking and real estate (Plus Properties which is in Lebanon, Cyprus, and the Gulf). His own father was the "mekhtar" (mayor) of a district in Achrafieh for a long while. Which could explain his riff on "we were together... we remain together". Chehwane portrays himself tie-less with Beirut (presumably Achrafieh where he is running) in the background.

OK, I am trying to be even-handed here, but to be honest there's something... amateurish about the ad. The way Chehwane stands and smiles reminds me of a Lebanese comedian (Raymond Saliba). And whereas I understand the sans tie photo, somehow his clothes seem ill-fitting (I mean people, even I have a couple of shirts which are custom-made).

Again, perhaps it is me being harsh on the campaign, but after seeing it three times from afar and dismissing it as an ad for the new comedian's show (referred to above), it was only when I got closer that I discovered it was a campaign for the elections.