Friday, April 8, 2022

Elections 2022: Fadi Nahas, the incomprehensible video

In a move that makes Georges Chehwane's campaign seem a masterstroke of communication, in comes Fadi Nahas. Who? Well, apparently businessman and philanthropist (see here). Whereas I am not here I am not to cast doubt on Mr. Nahas' business acumen, seriously people, there are limits to how low a communication can get.

The video is shot in an empty room overlooking the Beirut harbor or where the explosion happened in 2020, the text moves between Arabic and French - again, not too logically or comprehensibly - the words are... not very well-written to put it mildly, and what really really irked me is when he says in Arabic "ana ma yousamma bil derej self-made man" or "I am what is called in colloquial Arabic self-made man", whomever wrote this for Mr. Nahas deserves to be hanged (by the balls specifically).

People there are limits to how low we can fall, I do hope we have reached them. After very heavy rummaging online, we managed to find the video link, but please do watch it at your own peril here.