Friday, April 22, 2022

Elections 2022: Sandwich w Noss makes fun of everyone.

And then finally someone cracks it out in the open! Sandwich w Noss, which basically sells foods, issues an ad about "lists that make sense" which doubles as "lists that have a flavor" - from the get go and considering Lebanese are forced to elect full lists (go figure!) Sandwich w Noss proposed food-based lists that actually laugh about those the political parties are proposing. "The fat duo?" that's code name for "the Chiite duo" (Amal and Hezbullah), "spicy men and women in a state" that's "citizen men and women in a state" but reworked, "fina bass ma badna" - oh please, did anyone not laugh about the Lebanese Forces campaign already? And on it goes basically mocking everyone and anyone. Well, if you can't change the system, why not laugh about it?