Sunday, April 24, 2022

Elections 2022: Tarek Khairallah goes by platitudes

I have noticed it several times during these elections, many candidates belonging to different parts of the political spectrum have decided to play it safe - euphemism for boring. This simply means resorting to platitudes, other even disregarded the whole elections thing (on his Instagram candidate Elias Bou Saab - also known ar Mr. Julia (the famous singer) - has absolutely no mention of the current campaign!).

Among those who resorted to the anything works concept, meet Tarek Khairallah who signed his campaign with "you and me... together", which either is a stroke of philosophical genius or a very scratch-your-head-I-have-no-idea-what-it-means slogan.

Considering I am still scratching my head, this should tell you where I stand. But again, in order not to pick on Mr. Khairallah I can safely tell you that many others have gone the same route.