Thursday, April 21, 2022

Cadillac does the brightest nights for Ramadan in the UAE

Cadillac is celebrating Ramadan in the UAE. But instead of just splashing the brand anywhere it went the organic route, and a great bonus, the ads come mobile first because honestly, isn't that how we see the ads anyhow? Now there are three versions, one with Qabila (featuring Hayat) - see the ad here - one with Sofiane (the confused Arab) - see it here - and one about Tamahol (featuring race driver Amna Kobaissi) - see it here.

As I said, at least Cadillac inserted the brand very smoothly into the narrative. After all, people do drive during the month, especially at night post-iftar, they socialize massively, they eat local foods, they also go on personal journeys (what it means to fast for them, their inner growth, maybe some more determination as in the case of Amna). I think the ads are a case of personal taste: In my case I did not feel them created equal. I enjoyed massively the Qabila ad but failed to connect with Tamahol. Am sure someone else thought differently, which is why I said this is just a personal choice.

Well, yes, I am aware "influencers" were used in these ads, but the choice was smart and studied - we don't have any lifestyle bloggers or whatever they dub themselves. No, we truly have people who established careers in various domains, proved themselves in the said fields, and are viable role models in one way or another.

I am glad brands have dropped the flash in the pan representatives they used to deal with in the past, and are rather focusing on mature, reliable people to front them. 

Now, for some reason I keep thinking of this ad as "white nights" not brightest nights. But perhaps this is just me being a kid from the 80s.