Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Aishti - Valentine's Day

Photo credit: Bill Taha

Perhaps you do not remember these ads. When Aishti used to a huge fanfare for Valentine's day (I could not find them anywhere online, but I remember the trilogy of "Love is a game" (where a man and a woman would play games and keep score - like who bats the eye first or who pushes the highest floor on the elevator) or the one set to Frank and Nancy Sinatra's "Something Special Something Stupid". As I said, it was truly advertising galore. Until of course, it wasn't.

So this year, Aishti goes out with "Love is the answer". Interestingly, it is also marked with a strikethrough. Which could either mean they are renouncing that statement, or simply, like the Christmas campaign, it is a design gimmick. Of course, Aishti, which has downsized by closing stores, folding its magazine arm, among other measures.

So yes, even Aishti is not immune to the current crisis. At this point, aspirational shopping and retail therapy are too far gone to factor as measures to redress the balance.