Thursday, February 24, 2022

Adidas "Impossible is nothing" goes Arabic (AMENDED)

That could easily have been on top of my list of selling lines to transpose into Arabic. Adidas beautiful line "impossible in nothing". Actually I just saw that someone did the job already - "I have nothing impossible" with the Arabic S mimicking the Adidas logo. A commendable effort for sure, yet, to be honest it leaves me wanting more. Why? Because it basically say "nothing is impossible" instead of "impossible is nothing" which is unfortunate as it takes away the powerful gimmick of the English line. I do respect the effort, but sadly I feel it was a botched effort. 

So - before you call me names - what would I have done? My take:

المستحيل مستحيل

(The impossible is impossible - you're welcome Adidas)

PS - I have been notified by Ali Darwich who did the Arabic copy that the line they were Arabizing was I'mpossible (here is photo below). So with this the excercise makes much more sense!!