Saturday, February 26, 2022

So, how is social media helping Ukraine?

I know writing this post is counter-intuitive for someone who has the oldest still running blog in Lebanon. But hang in there with me. Yes, I realize that getting the Ukrainian stories across via the media is very important and I am all for it. I keep refreshing The Guardian page umpteen times a day to get new info. And yes, I love that story about the "Snake Island" who told the Russians to go "f*ck themselves" or the man who stood in front of a tank a la Tiananmen square.

But on the flip side, Twitter is just full of hashtags about the crisis, and every other post on Linkedin (literally every other post) is about Urkaine, thankfully I am shielded from what is going on on Facebook as I have zero friends there but can only imagine the calamity, oh and Instagram has stories upon stories (because apparently it is now more fashionable to post stories) about the country. 

My question is: How will this be more successful than the #bringbackourgirls just go name one movement which started and ended online with zero action on the ground. I know not. This blogpost is just the utmost of hypocrisy: Here I am writing about it with zero effect. But at least I recognize that.

And it saddens me we are confusing posting online with actually doing something meaningful on the ground even if - I am the first to admit it - there is little to nothing I can do.

"Liking isn't helping" said that wonderful Crisis Relief Singapore ad. Isn't it time we admit it?