Thursday, January 20, 2022

Lebanon: Tobacco and education, the turbo-charged Machiavelli

OK so today it transpired that the "regie" short for "RĂ©gie Libanaise des Tabacs et Tombacs" (the public organization controlled by Lebanese Ministry of Finance, manage plantation manufacturing trade transport of tobacco Tunbac and its derivatives) has gifted a million Dollars to the Lebanese students abroad unable to pay their tuition. 

Let's recap, first ever since the Dollar crisis began, the "regie" has been making a killing. Why? Because all tobacco brands being imported their prices have skyrocketed leaving the Lebanese "Cedars" which is locally produced to reap the benefit of all those who switched to it because its price is still more affordable. Second, honest, we all know how institutions in trades not exactly very clean towards society end up immersing themselves in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) acts to clean their image (Shell and its various art patronages and so on and so forth). Plus hey, with the regie making its money from the parents of the students who were on their nerves as not able to transfer money to their sons and daughters abroad (because of the transfer problems, because of the questionable value of the money, because of the banks pulling all strings, because of the strange parity of the Dollar) it was only fair to give them back what they "invested" in terms of smoking.

Still all this reminds me of the time Winston basically was giving money to the students who aced their baccalaureate in Lebanon. Please look here for a refresher.