Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Danway spread, the local Nutella positioning

Nutella being an imported product its price has gone through the roof what's with the Dollar continuing its acrobatic movements in Lebanon. Enter many Lebanese companies trying to do substitutes are more palatable prices (pun, har har). These companies include Danway (I may be confused but they are actually called Danway Iceberg on all social media because they used to produce ice cream - a name change from Danish Iceberg which I suspect they dropped after the whole Danish product boycott thingy that happened after the prophet caricature debacle, but I digress).

Now if Danway Spread build its whole ad around the expectative reaction of the people tasting its product ending with a foreign executive being upset because they managed to duplicate his company's product (well, just a small hint - the man sounded French which Nutella is not).

Now the "idea" of the ad is #صابوها (which roughly translates into "they got it" - but also "they hit it"), which is an odd way to position a product - meaning already "we are imitating your product and we seem to have done well" positioning (which actually, is no positioning at all!).

Honestly, the ad relies so much on slapstick which is very 80s, again, assuming who came up with the idea it is not that strange (no names but again, my suggestion holds). See the ad here.