Saturday, December 11, 2021

Epica Awards 2021 are now out!

And the Epica Awards results for this year are out! Yes, my favorite "Helmet Has Always Been A Good Idea" won (as I said earlier I don't always pick them right, but that's what happens when tens upon tens of journalists in the communication world get to vote!) in addition to this funny masterpiece (and everyone at Epica knows how much I love Scandinavian humor), there was another Grand Prix for the "Festive" ad by Burberry (certainly not my choice, but it seems I was outnumbered!).

RESPONSIBILITY: VMLY&R Istanbul – “The Rainbow Hack”, etc. 

• PR: BBDO Belgium – “The Breakaway”, Decathlon which gave prisoners the ability to form an e-cycling team. A brilliant initiative indeed.
• ALTERNATIVE: Wunderman Thompson UK – “The Homeless Bank Account”, HSBC which makes it easier for homeless people to sign up for a bank account (a catch 22 situation usually - because one can only sign up with a fixed address)
• DESIGN: Wunderman Thompson Colombia – “Waterlight”, Edina Energy (a brilliant invention if there was any!)
• DIGITAL: Wunderman Thompson Belgium – “.comdom”, Telenet app which protects the intimate images used in “sexting” from wider diffusion

• PRINT: Leo Burnett UK – “Lights On”, McDonald’s
• FILM: Riff Raff Films, UK – “Festive”, Burberry as I said prior, not exactly my choice.
• FILM: &Co./NoA, Denmark – “Helmet Has Always Been A Good Idea”, Danish Road Safety Council, a proof is any needed that Scandinavian humor is beyond funny.