Sunday, November 14, 2021

A Christmas of big fat productions and little else.

Doc Morris or how Christmas ads should be done

Well, after Coca-Cola's forgettable Chimney Christmas ad (here), now comes the McDonald's lackluster one (here), I also saw (the usually very good) John Lewis which itself was underwhelming (here), and then Tesco's foray which - along the rest of them - is cute but only so (here). It seems this is the year of big productions with large budget but short-thrifted in terms of ideas. Nothing here is memorable - or will stand the test of time (such as John Lewis featuring Elton John - here - or the "man on the moon" 2015 jewel - here). Compare this year's crop to Doc Morris pharmacy 2020's incredibly heartwarming ad of the grandfather who is out of shape and who has "found his purpose" as he trains daily for some objective we never understand (until the wonderful denouement of the ad!) - please watch the ad here to see the difference in tone, memorability, and yes, emotional value.