Monday, August 16, 2021

Lebanon: Forget washing machines, laundry is done by hand

Image: Marcel Marlier (Martine en Voyage - Castermann)

Am writing this post as fast as I can as I know not if the electricity (generator not state electricity) will last or not. But here goes - last time I said it took 3 days for the laundry to be done (but that was when electricity was sporadic) - this time with the electricity being dispatched by stacks of 10 or 30 minutes I was not going to take my chances so the house help and myself did the laundry by hand and hung it to dry (sun is free you know!). I mean last time I did laundry by hand was ages ago but the other day I wore a lovely shirt from Depot Vente Beirut for the Assumption mass and when I got home I washed it by hand immediately. So when the time came to do the proper laundry, mother, the house help and myself had a mini summit and decided we were not going to do the washing machine route. So here it is, laundry was done by hand all the way - you wash it, stack it in a differ bowl, clean the original washing bowl, rinse them again, and flatten then to dry under the sun. Thankfully, ever since I moved to black undies, black t-shirts, or black house polos several years back, the whole thing takes much faster than the white things (smart move Tarek!). OK, so over and out.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for the racist undertones in the image above. It is simply an illustration from a book I read as a child. And it seemed fitting.