Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Lebanon: Water, electricity, money and now meat rationed


So voila, we are rationing meat severely now in Lebanon. Well, in the Chemaly household, we have switched to poultry which is used sporadically among dishes. Sometimes ground, and if ever cooked then it should last about 3 days or so. As to the why? First the exorbitant price - especially the red meat which is truly obnoxious. The other reason? The storage. Where are you going to store it when the electricity is dispatched so far and in between and not enough to sustain freezing anything. So not just the whole thing is expensive, it spoils easily as well.

Well, the good news is that I was never a fan of red meat though my mother is so despite expressing several times me not liking it, my opinion did not count until my mother conferred with our neighbor who actually gets the meat from a special butcher. Suddenly I was summoned outside as they sipped coffee on the balcony: The neighbour (that's three households one on top of the other) would no longer be bringing meat because of the electricity situation.

Well, thankfully the Mediterranean diet is full of  vegetarian dishes. And so there you go - electricity, water, money and now meat are severely rationed now in Lebanon.

Well, I know what you will be saying, "it's OK Tarek many people are vegetarian, so get over it" - mind you, it's fine by me. Actually, it seems Hitler was vegetarian too! The good news is that you won't be seeing me invading Poland anytime soon!