Friday, July 23, 2021

Smash Plus anti mosquito - made in Lebanon

Well, now is the time to encourage anything made in Lebanon as it is the only way to go out of the rentier economy we plunged in for several decades which crippled the economy. Which brings us to "Smash Plus" - the anti mosquito made in Lebanon which is a welcome change from other imported brands (you know which ones I speak of!). Now the ad speaks of "fortified protection for you and your family" (interestingly the Arabic language makes a clear distinction when speaking to males and females and this one was kept neutral by avoiding the distinction emphasis through "annotation" or "7arakat" as they are known in Arabic). The background is a stack of such tablets so that they would appear as "bricks" of a wall (fortified protection, remember?) and on the whole, the ad by its mere existence in a market which I already called flatlined is a welcome addition.