Friday, July 23, 2021

Aishti by the sea goes... to the sea!

In a surprise to no one, Aishti by the sea goes to the sea in its new campaign. What is interesting for me, above all, is that Aishti - the country's most luxurious retailer - has a campaign to begin with. At this stage, prices even at your run of the mill shop are so expensive, Aishti is - by all means and measures - totally and completely out of reach even to aspiring consumers (believe it or not, this place now goes to Zara!) and to what is left of the Middle Class (see here for clarification) and its large and very intimidating architecture does not help (again see here). Still, Aishti and its flagship store (and its other stand alone shops) in downtown suffered major damage (including many employees being injured and the stores being too close to the epicenter of the August 4 2020 blast, rendering them literally inoperable for a long time). But in Lebanon, where the ad market flatlined, any new campaign is much welcome. No matter its target audience or to whom it addresses itself or how creative it is. Which is why Aishti dipping its toes again in an ad campaign is quite welcome.