Wednesday, April 28, 2021

PHNX Festival 2021 - entries open

And this year too - the PHNX awards are back!!! After last year and its inaugural edition, the AdForum PHNX tribute will fly again! Last year AdForum launched the PHNX awards as a way to celebrate creativity and lift the industry’s spirits during the crisis. The response was phenomenal: an incredibly diverse jury of more 450 jury members from 120 countries, and more than 4000 entries (do not I scored a combined total of 48 hours of judging had ahead than any other juror!).
In the words of the PHNX organizers: "Given that level of enthusiasm, we decided the story should continue. So the PHNX awards will rise again in 2021 with a new mission: TRANSFORMATION. This time around they will celebrate creativity that will impact tomorrow’s world. There will be just five categories. Transform A Brand; Transform An Industry; Transform Communications; Transform Working – and finally, Transform Lives. In order to cover some costs but to ensure wide accessibility, there will be a small fee of €50 per entry. We’re now open for entries until June 11."
Philippe Paget, who is the CEO of Daydream, which organizes both, the PHNX and the Epica Awards on which I am also a juror), says: "I am convinced more than ever that we need creative people to help us transform the old world for a better one!"