Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Logi does a convincing comeback tour

Remember Logi? The Lebanese Oil and Gas Initiative? Well, they got themselves some heavyweights for their new ad. By order of appearance: Alia Moubayed (emerging market specialist), Dan Azzi (Global financial markets expert), Albert Kostantinian (Journalist and economic consultant), Pierre Saade (Senior Mena Regional Coordinator of Publish What You Say) - please note I copied their titles exactly as they were written in the ad, capital letters and all - and each of these protagonists came and sustained the case on why oil and gas is indeed the future of Lebanon... Provided of course (and these pillars and values were written on the palm of their hands) - participation (also could be involvement), transparency, citizenship, democracy, and trust were all insured (the last word was written on the palm of the hand of Diana Kaissy who is the executive director of Logi). Interestingly, without being falsely over-creative, the ad makes its point clearly and gets its message across. Of course, we all wonder in Lebanon at how much such initiatives actually procure real change on the ground. But Logi is apparently not here to play. Please see the ad here.