Thursday, November 5, 2020

In Lebanon, when in doubt, go retro or go home.

When in doubt, pretend the 80s and 90s never happened. Well, at least this is what the advertising scene in Lebanon does it seems. Case in point, the two ads above. 

Pepsi capsule offer? Is there anything more 90s? Those offers were all the rage back then... Actually, at the time the prize was a Jaguar E type (spoiler: the person who won the car was a Syrian worker on a gas station. The man owed some debt to his employer, the employer forgave the debt in exchange for the winning capsule).

Now the other ad is for SMS that recently did the electronic money counter campaign (here) and now it is advertising an iPad and phone holder for the car with slapstick that was super popular in the 80s with a side order of women objectification, because why not?

So there, go retro or go home.