Thursday, November 5, 2020

Good news from the US: They don't care about us

Artwork by Tarrk Chemaly, a rework of the Michael Jackson song sleeve

Unpopular opinion: The US presidential nominees do not have Lebanon high on their agendas.

Oddly, almost everyone I know spoke to me about the opposite. How Lebanon is super important, about how everyone in the Us political sphere have their eyes on our political machinations, how Lebanon plays a pivotal role in the region (no, seriously), and so on.

Needless to say, am on the opposite camp. I sincerely think they have bigger fish to fry, more pressing problems, internal issues that need addressing, international treaties to rejoin or renegotiate. Basically, we are not in the top 100 of their concerns.

But hey, we are not egocentric Lebanese for nothing. As we say in Arabic "sheyfin el shams sher2a min tizna" (we see the sun shining from our butthole), so yes, in our mind we are the center of the universe. So we are indeed, the people on whose opinions the whole universe hinges.

Get over yourselves people. They don't care about us.