Monday, April 15, 2019

Dear Lada, concerning Russia, nothing beats Emm Yuri from Byblos Bank!

Lada has a new TV ad. It is cute, Lebanese are again thanking Russia. See my comment here about the print/digital ad, and see the Lada TV ad here. As I said the ad is nice, with a Lebanese family going out on a limb to thank them (the "this is a sweater (I knit) for your cold" as said by the woman is a really nice touch and the P.O Box address in the end too).
But people, stop trying - the Russia mantle was already taken by the Byblos Bank ad - see the ad here and that oh-so-wonderful copy about Russia. A small fragment is above when a man comes asking for a manoushe in the kiosk of "emm Yuri" (mother of "eldest son") as women as traditionally called in Lebanon (and the Middle East at large). Hillarious. See the whole exchange - it cracks me up!
You might say it is different and that I am comparing apples to oranges, somehow I still stand my ground - both ads portray one culture transported to another.