Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Golden Plate, right on time for Adha

Adha festivities are synonymous with maamoul - the date/pistachio/walnut filled delicacies - and Golden Plate ghee and butter are right on tme for it. Golden Plate is the story of rebranding fiasco from Al Baqara Al Haloub whic was very famous for its radio jingle but the brand was reintroduced for a year leaving everyone confused, untile in 2014 they issued this ad:
When they made the most obvious hint to what it was "miyye bil miyye ta3metha chahiyye"... (مية باليمة طعمتها شهية) which is none other than a slight deformation of the famous radio jingle of "Al Baqara Al Haloub" (the milking cow - مية باليمة سمنة نقية طعمتها شهية سمنة البقرة الحلوب) the original name of this ghee which is being advertised!
So with this Adha Moubarak.