Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Notre Dame Des Secours, new image, new campaign (same fantastic Brandtribe)

Having a trilingual campaign is a rarity in Lebanon. Having a creative trilingual campaign in Lebanon is almost non-existent (as a trilingual copywriter, I should know). But there you go, Brandtribe does it again, launching a new image for Notre Dame Des Secours University Hospital, surely one cannot go conceptual in both copy and image (after all it is a serious client we are speaking of), so it is on the backdrop of lovely warm images that we get copy which is - and that it from an ace copywriter - truly ace!!! Honestly, it is heartwarming to see this work in three languages in a market which is dominated by pseudo-creatives who either outright steal or otherwise give silly end results. So there, Brandtribe is at least a beacon of hope and professionalism that way.