Monday, March 12, 2018

Sandwich w Noss replies to Beit Al Mokhtar - by complaining to Facebook

Remember that very cute jab from Beit Al Mokhtar towards Sandwich w Noss?
Sandwich w Noss has finally replied! By complaining to Facebook that a trademark infringement happened in the photos and then forcing Beit Al Mokhtar to blur the images! Yep! That's the best they could do? Did they reply with some cute funny-as-hell joke that they keep using themselves in their own copy? Did they, as Zaatar w Zeit replied to me, when I notified them that a huge Kababji ad was on top of their store, with their selling line "love, regardless"? Nope! They complained to Facebook.
Really? This is the best you can do Sandwich w Noss?
Pity you marketed yourselves as cute and funny, because when push came to shove, you went out the petty way!