Monday, March 12, 2018

Al Mustaqbal - talisman against the evil eye for the elections

Al Mustaqbal just unveiled its campaign for the elections - the talisman against the evil eye! "we are the talisman against the evil eye that protects Lebanon". After launching a teaser campaign which included the talisman in many words (which are supposed to be what the party stands for) the revealer came in the shape of the ad above. I know that the talisman is called "kharze zar2a" or blue talisman, and blue being the color of the Mustaqbal (future) movement, then creatively it clicked. But sadly the campaign is truly so way off the tracks!
I think it is fair to say that there is an element of childishness in the campaign, but the best part of it is that - from here on - no matter what other parties end up doing, this will be the lowest benchmark to compare this year's campaigns to.