Sunday, March 4, 2018

Lebanese Forces elections campaign and unipole burning

The Lebanese Forces have come out in full force (no pun!) with their elections campaign under header of "Sar Badda" which loosely translates into "now is the time" and underneath a call for arms (yes not another pun!) to rectify corruption and what not - I do like the technical wordplay to be honest under the big header (above are merely two examples).
But it seems that what was called "night bats" was burning Lebanese Forces unipoles in the Bequa's valley. Ironically, when their former arch-rival (now partner on certain areas and rival in others if you can actually understand what that means logically) put a unipole next to the Nahar El Kalb tunnel for the 2009 elections - an area flagged as Lebanese Forces area if their was any, the unipole got burned. So basically, they are getting sadly a taste of their own medicine.
Don't believe me? Below is the proof:
2009 (below) vs 2018 (above)