Thursday, March 1, 2018

Lacoste removes iconic crocodile from the polos

Yes shocking! Lacoste will remove the iconic crocodile from its logos - but will actually replace it with other species facing extinction such as the Sumatran tiger, the Javan rhino and the Cao Vit gibbon on the chest of its classic white polo shirts in a limited edition charity tie-in with the Save Our Species conservation group.. Such is the 3-year collaboration between the fashion brand and the environmental entity. The Lacoste crocodile logo still features on the back of the 1,775 shirts - the number is of course indicative and not haphazard about the endangered species in question with only 30 for vaquita porpoises and 231 for Californian condors..
Actually the crocodile is one of the ten most recognizable logos in the world. It came about from Rene Lacoste, a tennis player, being nicknamed "crocodile" for his play in the field.