Monday, January 15, 2018

The day I confused a Touch ad for an Alfa ad! (Compare and contrast)

Talk about a mistake!!! I confused a Touch ad for an Alfa ad! The two main competitors in the telecom industry in Lebanon. OK let me recap: When I saw the Touch ad above I thought it was Alfa reheating one of their old lines from a previous campaign.
Until my very obvious error was pointed out to me. It was Touch not Alfa who reused the line.
And now we went into the murky territory of - compare and contrast. Is this an original ad? Is this a copy? Is this outright plagiarism?
I do not care about "branding differentiation" in colors and what not, this is - conceptually - the same ad. So much that someone like me, who runs a blog on advertising, confused the two brands for one another.
Instead of liking it as an Alfa ad as I did, I am now very mad that Touch took the ad outright and reheated it. If Touch is trying to "reply" to Alfa, sorry guys it did not work. At all.