Sunday, August 6, 2017

Of Nescafe Cappucino and real Italians

"Finally I found a real Italian" - when I saw this Nescafe Cappuccino campaign my reflex was "what, you've never been to Italy?". I still find that slogan odd every time I look at the campaign. "Nothing tastes sweeter" says the other billboard. Again, trying to make sense of this add takes too much effort from me because I always go back to - "go to Italy to find a real Italian". Here's hoping the product is as Italian as the woman claims.
Apparently I have been notified this is a follow up to a TVC which accompanies director Marwa Khalil in search of a "real" Italian to act in the ad, Khalil was also featured on the billboards. The TVC is over-long and drives the point slower than an Antonioni movie - how that's for a real Italian comparison!