Saturday, August 5, 2017

Ksara summer campaign is a mix and graphic mismatch

Ksara and the summer campaign, languishing by the pool, under a parasol, with instagram-compatible background. But I am ahead of myself. Ksara does manage to look very summerish in this campaign, which is laid back but not too laid back, with graphic elements but a bottle that is still a stand out and ready to be popped. It helps that perhaps they might have rented every other billboard in town (oddly - and I stand corrected - I feel there are not enough new outdoor campaigns popping up, but I discussed this before). On all accounts there is a "minimal" element in the campaign which sort of forces you to look at it (the Scandinavian aesthetic was built around this!) - and it has a soothing, calm undertone. Like a summer about to end.