Saturday, June 17, 2017

Cortina logo history #flashback

Originally published: 8/2/13
I am so pleased to share with you this archaeological advertising news: The original Gelati Cortina has been found, in plain sight, on a refrigerator in a shop in Archrafieh, According to the shop owner, it dates back to "about 35 years" - which is correct if one assesses the typo, the hand drawing and thanks heavens the lack of interference from any machines (Mac was only introduced in 1984). Insert hyperventilation sound effect here....
Originally published: 4/11/13
Earlier this year I unearthed a Cortina logo from a fridge in a shop in Achrafieh. And bingo, what do you get when one of those metal-scavenging trucks passes in front of my house? Another fridge with a Cortina logo. This one is however more recent than the one found in Achrafieh, but in itself it also continues the saga of the logos on fridges so to speak. Enjoy this finding, I know I have!