Sunday, June 18, 2017

Nescafe Gold - the proposal

"You are worthy of Gold" - with a Nescafe jar being opened as it was a jewelry box containing a ring. Well, at least they tried to differentiate their offering. In the best possible way? I am not sure. Maybe the ad is a bit complicated to be understood by the average layman (I am not even sure of that). Still, it could have been worse. Such as this incident from 2013:
"Min yawm ma cheftak, chifti 3a cheftak" - brilliant, genius, wonderful. Ok, and done before.
Let's first explain the gimmick - "cheftak" means both "I saw you" and "your lip" - so the meaning is "from the day I "cheftak" (saw you), my lip is on "cheftak" (your lip)".
Which is the exact same lyric from the song Cheftak by Soapkills credited to Walid Sadek, Rabih Mroue and Soapkills.
So to recap:
 "From the day I "cheftak" (saw you), my lip is on "cheftak" (your lip)". (Nescafe)
"Cheftak" (your lip) on her lip, "Cheftak" (I saw you) kachaftak (I unmasked you)." (Soapkills)
So there, a proposal is better than a betrayal I suppose!