Friday, November 25, 2016

Black Friday - another incomprehensible imported tradition

And - to add to the plethora of things imported and uprooted - since 2014 we have had our own Black Friday (which is the Friday after Thanksgiving in the United States and which kicks off the Christmas shopping season frenzy). Funnily, major retailers are opting out of it this year and even closing down, allowing their customers and employees to remain home with their families. But here we are, tardy for the party.
Many Lebanese retailers are offering discounts for the weekend, M2 even offering for 10 consecutive days. The ads are running online mainly even if some have taken then to billboards. Khoury Home is bringing us the Black Friday this year once more. In a market which has been very down for a very long time this could be needed, but I for one liked the slogan "el chater bi chtarto" (which is somewhere between "to each his own" and "let the best man win" - meaning "grab whatever you can"). In case you want another mish-mash of festivities look no further than here!