Saturday, November 26, 2016

Rem Koolhaas Nhow hotel at RAI Amsterdam

The City of Amsterdam and RAI Amsterdam issued a tender in June 2014 for the development, realisation and operation of a headquarter hotel next to the RAI. It received no fewer than 11 submissions, all of an exceptionally high quality. Each of the parties received high marks on the proposal for a hospitality function on the top floor. The winning concept by OMA, COD and the NH Hotel Group triumphed over the competition by adding special facilities such as a TV studio, gallery, sculpture garden, spa, restaurant & bar and, most remarkable of all, the iconic design.
Nhow hotel with its three triangles signs as "elevate your stay" and the architecture comes from none other than Rem Koolhaas. My opinion? The design was inspired by the pole with triangles on it which dominates the RAI station - by taking such a visible landmark (trust me, it was my way to know the road back to my friend's house) and making it into an integral part of the design the hotel seems a total visual "rappel" to its surroundings. Once more, this is just my theory!