Friday, July 5, 2024

Almaza stresses Lebanese identity

Photo credit Nibal Hadchiti Dfouni

So Almaza is pulling on up! Their newest efforts center around their identity. Mind you the trick has been played long ago when Almaza was with a different agency (لبنانيه وشايفة حالها - Lebanese and proud of it). But that was probably in the mid 1990s. Anyhow, Almaza played the trick of how words are said in different language - which is common on Instagram, in English (Beer) in French (Biere) in Lebanon (Almaza). As I said this is current on Instagram where Lebanese always have a different way of saying words. And yes, Almaza could be the first name to come to mind in Lebanon when mentioning beer.

Now the second ad is a bit less obvious - "despite is all, Lebanon is Almaza" (Almaza means diamond in case you did not know in Arabic).