Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Toters celebrates 4 years with Bertilicious (Y? Because of MCA)

Remember how harsh I was on Crepaway, am eating my digital words currently. Because Toters just took the cringe crown by a mile. Before anyone tells me I am fatphobic, or anti-influencer or what not. Miss Berthe's weight has nothing to do with my finding the ad beyond the pale. Where do I start? The Indian film ambiance (which mind you I love, had it been an Indian film because kitsch is great when done well), is it the use of YMCA with modified lyrics in June (OK, I can say if you know, you know but damn it this is Pride month!), is it the so-over-the-top ambiance where everyone is pitching in without realizing they are in on the joke? Is it because - add about 136 more reasons? Please see the original here at your own risk and peril.