Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Tinol - goes with two different concepts billed as one.

Tinol Paints is going on two different axes - one is totally summerish the other is source of color. In their own words for the first: "Embrace the vibrant hues of summer with Tinol Paints, the ultimate source of color! From beachy blues to fiery sunsets, bring the warmth of summer into your spaces. Tinol, the source of limitless color inspiration!" In my own words for the second - I love how the paint spills on that Dora building which eventually joins the original paint, incredible positioning. The pots spilling from the unipoles though are a more confusing. Both are dubbed "source of color". But conceptually I feel like these are two separate campaigns - one is certainly summer-geared, the other is more what the original concept was.

To go back to the billboards, well, one cannot accuse them of not translating that visually as the reference to sun and horizon is immediately recognizable in the visual - translated in three different colors (only two shown above). The campaign is everywhere mind you on the streets and it does attract the eye. Frankly one feels smart looking at it because one immediately says "oh I got it!".  As I said it's the other media use that is more confusing - the unipoles. Just to be clear, the ads seem visually connected, but it does feel two campaigns rolled into one.