Friday, April 26, 2024

Spinneys goes all out for Earth Day

Spinneys just celebrated Earth Day in a big way. They just unleashed their eco-friendly reusable bags with - what I assume is 3D animation - of a sea turtle delivering the goods. Interestingly, Spinneys has many other initiatives - they partner with ACT for zero-waste policy donating some 500 tons of left-over vegetables, fruits and bakery items, they have a FabricAid container in every branch, and their Jbeil branch runs on solar power. Oh and actually, in 2010 when I needed to move, I went to the roof of the Spinneys branch in Achrafieh and got myself as many boxes as I needed to place my stuff in them.

On all accounts, here's an anecdote: Long time ago Spinneys offered tote bags to people so as for them to reuse them for their purchases. A friend of mine would go to Spinneys and invariably would forget the tote at home so she would place her merchandise in plastic bags. So here's hoping people will be more vigilant in the use of eco-friendly bags this time around!