Thursday, April 25, 2024

It's Lebanese Youth Day! Rethinking Lebanon does great copy

Yes, I learned it like you did last year (here). But it's Lebanese Youth Day again, as per Rethinking Lebanon. The novelty this year? Some kick-ass copywriting. Apparently it is Jihad El Hokayem who helms Rethinking Lebanon who came up with the line "chajjer w tjazzar" (which means "plant trees and grow roots") and it seems he knows - not just copywriting, but Arabic copywriting. A much rarer variety I can assure you. Yet this is a great line for a nice initiative - with Rethinking Lebanon trying to focus on the youth as well as other economic issues (here). I just spoke to Jihad and we both agreed that apart from trying little else can be done. So, voila, happy Lebanese Youth Day!