Tuesday, April 9, 2024

IAA Lebanon chapter finally looks where it should be

Well, so the IAA (Lebanese Chapter) is announcing the relaunch of the International Advertising Association Young Professionals chapter. Per their own words: "The IAA YP chapter is dedicated to nurturing and empowering young talents aged below 35, providing them with opportunities for growth, networking, and professional development. To kickstart our relaunch, we are organizing a gathering where attendees will have the chance to learn more about the IAA YP and participate in a Creative Masterclass titled "The 5 C's of Creativity." The participation is free of charge."
Let us be honest, when one says IAA one not think young advertising people, it is more like elderly individuals who already had flourishing careers. Actually at the recent IAA Hall of Fame induction ceremony (here), there were 2 tables for young NDU students - I can think of that student dressed in a suit (not exactly fitting) along with white New Balance sneakers. But I actually looked at them with pride, I mean it is important for them to know the history of communication and advertising. And truth be told, since I moved to the field at the age of 27, I think it would have been crucial for me to have someone tell me a few words about it rather than me rolling my sleeves and do my own digging.
Which is why I am excited the IAA Lebanese Chapter is looking where it ought to be - at the new young generation. As I said previously, too few people from the new breed even know how much they owe to the many many generations that came before them. Many move to Dubai not knowing that there was a crop of ad people who did so when moving there was akin to going to a land which only had the Toyota building as a landmark (here). Heck, in one of my courses (technical English) an assignment was a motivation letter to join Saatchi in their Beirut office and the student wrote "I will help make your company famous" - yes, it is that bad. And yes, all universities are included.
So I am truly glad the IAA is now guiding the new crop of people entering the fray. They need it, believe me.