Saturday, March 9, 2024

Silkor - where English goes awry

Photo credit: Natalia Nasser

The photo above shows two very interesting things. The first is that Silkor, which has long pushed its laser and hair removal procedures to the forefront of its activities, is trying to make people aware it goes other things as well, namely cosmetic procedures. The second thing it shows is that - considering Natalia Nasser took this photo in the Bequa'a valley, apparently the region there is more permissive when it comes to the English language because the sentence seems - to be lopsided grammatically to put it politely. Well, seems Silkor (according to another billboard which sadly I could not capture in Beirut) is celebrating 25 years with the line "age is just a number" - considering their whole premise was to make people (mainly women) look younger, the line fits.